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Asphalt Paving and Drainage Installation in Addison IL

In Addison IL, Maven Pavement Solutions is the full service paving company that can help local commercial property owners with both asphalt paving and drainage systems. Our professional paving consultants work closely with property managers to find the best solutions for their asphalt problems.

When we heard from a commercial property owner in Addison IL, we sent a pavement consultant out right away. They determined that the roadway behind the commercial building had failed because there wasn’t proper drainage at the site. Water had pooled on the asphalt surface and caused deep cracks, potholes, and severe edge deterioration. The roadway was a hazard, especially for heavy industrial vehicles.

Our expert contractors got to work right away. First, we had to fix the drainage issues. We excavated a deep trench, then installed new drain pipes and connected them to the existing storm sewer. We also installed a trench and swale drain, which is a type of shallow drain that is covered by rocks and vegetation so it’s not bare concrete.

Once the area was graded so that water would flow away from the pavement, we installed a thick, durable asphalt roadway. With the correct slope, this new roadway wouldn’t suffer from the same problems as the first one, so it can last for decades. We also covered all the drainage ditches with different types of stone, including decorative river rocks.

Our commercial client wanted a contractor that could complete the entire project: drainage, excavating, asphalt paving and landscaping. With May Maven Pavement Solutions, that’s exactly what they got.