Parking lot sinkhole and catch basin repair - Bedford Park, IL

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Pavement Repair and Concrete Apron Project near Bedford Park IL

An existing client recently tasked our widely-known asphalt and concrete company with the job of concrete apron replacement in just outside of Bedford Park, Illinois.

The customer was concerned about having a close number of docks that impended their operation. The concrete was also dilapidated and in poor condition.

We performed previous work for the commercial client so they knew they could reach out to and trust us to take on the concrete replacement job.

We scheduled to arrive on a Saturday to avoid limiting their number of available docks, thus impeding their operation. We let them choose a day that fell during a slow period of the month, which minimized the impact the project had on their operation.

We removed the existing concrete and proof rolled the base to ensure that the base material was suitable for reuse. The previously existing concrete was originally poured (by a company other than ours) at 6” and may have failed due to the fact that it was too thin for heavy traffic. We installed the approximately 2600 square feet of H/D concrete dock apron at 8” to provide a heavier duty slab.

The customer was thankful we were able to be flexible with scheduling and also commented about how clean the site was after we completed the project.

Thank you for allowing Maven Pavement to help with your concrete dock apron replacement near Bedford Park!