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Maven Pavement Solutions has proudly become Carol Stream, IL’s most trusted and reputable asphalt paving and asphalt milling experts. We have been delivering professional services like sealcoating, storm drain installation and repair, asphalt paving and milling and more for over 20 years.

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  • We have over 20 years of paving experience, which affords us the skill necessary to deliver quality paving and concrete services to all of our clients.
  • We provide each of our customers with a firm investment on residential and commercial paving.
  • We work together directly with our clients to deliver the best possible end product at an affordable price.
  • Our clients trust us to handle their paving needs, over and over again.

Things to Do in Carol Stream, IL

Carol Stream is a village located in DuPage County in Illinois. It was named after the daughter of the founder of the town in 1959 and has a population of around 40,000 as of 2010. Carol Stream is home to many parks and recreational entertainment options.

DuPage County Forest Preserve offers plenty of things to do, whether you like to bike, hike, camp or fish! With over 100 years of time improving and protecting the natural areas of the county, this location has plenty of recreational and educational experiences to offer. With over 50 facilities o-site and over 26,000 acres of forest and/or wildlife preservation, visitors are sure to enjoy their time here.

There are numerous bike paths and trails that run along Carol Stream. In fact, over 23 miles of trails and paths run through the area, connecting transportation hubs, parks and other points of interest. Be sure to visit the Great Western Trail for 61 miles of biking, hiking, nature paths and equestrian paths.

Be sure to also check out the centralized community space at the Ross Ferraro Town Center, which features plenty of walking paths, green space, ponds, a gazebo, a large decorative fountain and a visitor center. Many community events are hosted here as well.

Commercial Storm Sewer Installation near Carol Stream IL

Recently, one of our valued commercial clients in Elmhurst (just 20 mins west of Carol Stream IL) contacted us because they had stormwater runoff coming into their building from the street. We sent one of our estimators to their property immediately and determined that the paving around the building hadn’t been properly graded, and runoff from storms was flowing under the pavement and into the building.

Our pavement experts crafted a detailed and accurate proposal for paving work that would correct the issue. At Maven Pavement Solutions, we are dedicated to customer service, so we consult with our clients about all proposals and keep our clients in the loop while work is going on. This is especially important with commercial paving jobs, as our clients need to get back to business as quickly as possible.

For our Elmhurst, IL client, we ended up installing a concrete storm sewer system and concrete apron. Our experienced crew excavated a portion of the property, then installed a durable concrete drain that lets water flow away from the building. We also graded the gravel layer under their concrete walkways to give better drainage. Once that was done, we installed a new concrete apron, so that the paving was smooth and safe.

Maven Pavement Solutions has become the most trusted commercial paving company in the greater Chicago metro area through dedication to paving excellence and client satisfaction. We have experience in all sorts of paving projects from asphalt parking lots, concrete repair, and obviously storm sewers. If you have a commercial property in the Chicago metro area, contact us today to find out what we can do for you.