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Maven Pavement Solutions is a total pavement maintenance company, offering concrete services and asphalt pavement and milling services to customers in the Joliet, Illinois and surrounding areas. We take pride in our workmanship here at Maven Pavement. We are a premier pavement consulting partner and have worked closely with city planners, property management companies, engineering firms and more, offering expert consultation and pavement services throughout the area.

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Why Choose Us

– We have over 20 years of paving experience.
– We provide our customers with a firm investment on both residential and commercial paving.
– We work together with our clients to deliver the best possible end product.
– Our clients trust us fully to handle all of their paving needs.

Things to do in Joliet, IL

Joliet is an exciting city located in both Will and Kendall Counties in Illinois. It is just 40 miles to the southwest of the state’s capital, Chicago. Joliet offers a diverse option of things to do, with a family friendly atmosphere and a thriving business community. Here are somethings to do in the area.

Explore beautiful plants and local birds at the Bird Haven Greenhouse and Conservatory for nature lovers. It is located on the larger Pilcher Park and stretches across 630 acres. Sign up for a guided tour if you want to learn more!

History lovers will enjoy visiting the Joliet Area Historical Museum to learn about how the city came about. Here you will find many interactive exhibits (that will even engage those who are bored by history) as well as a wide variety of galleries, including the War Heroes Gallery, the Route 66 Experience and the Children’s Discovery Room. You can also learn about the story of the famous Apollo missions at the Soaring Achievements of John C. Houbolt exhibit.

Don’t miss having your need for speed filled by visiting the Chicago Speedway and Route 66 Speedway. This place is touted as being the largest sporting venue in all of Illinois and has held many high profile events, including the NASCAR Spring Cup! You can also enjoy live entertainment here, learn at interactive exhibits and take the kids to play at a special zone just for kids. Get behind the wheel yourself and drive your own NASCAR at the Route 66 Speedway!

Paving Contractor near Joliet IL Replaces Concrete Sidewalk

Maven Pavement Solutions is Joliet’s concrete paving leaders, and we are happy to help keep local pedestrians and drivers safe from cracked and broken pavement. We have experience with both concrete and asphalt pavement repair, maintenance, and installation, so we can tackle any size job.

One of our local commercial property owners in Romeoville (just north of Joliet IL) had a very dangerous concrete sidewalk and entryway. Being an existing customer, they knew to call the sidewalk repair experts at Maven Pavement Solutions because we can create durable and beautiful . The sidewalk had deep cracks and pavement deterioration, which is a serious trip hazard for both employees and customers.

After a thorough inspection, our pavement expert created a concrete repair plan with the property owner that would bring their sidewalk and entryway back to full function. First, we saw cut and removed the existing concrete, then graded the gravel aggregate base so that it water would properly drain away and not cause cracking again. Next, we framed the area and installed wire mesh to strengthen the new pavement before pouring 4000 PSI concrete at 5” thick. We also had the experience to know where to place joints, dowels, and surface treatments to match the existing pavement perfectly and provide proper traction.

Our local commercial property owner loved their new concrete entryway and sidewalk, but they were super impressed with how quickly we completed the job. At Maven Pavement Solutions, we always keep our client’s business in mind and complete all jobs without interrupting their operations. Contact us or click below for more information on how we can improve your property.

Replacement of concrete dolly pad near Joliet IL

We completed another parking lot pavement project in Joliet, IL. This project was for an existing commercial client who noticed that their concrete was in poor condition and was severely cracked. As this client was a previous customer of ours, they knew we could be trusted so they called us right away to schedule an inspection.

We determined that removing and replacing the concrete dolly pad was the best plan of action and the customer agreed. We made it back to the job site for the parking lot replacement early the next week. Knowing that the customer had to lose all of their trailer parking in order for us to do the job, we worked with them and scheduled the project for their slowest time of the year, working on a Saturday when they were closed. We removed and replaced approximately 5700 square feet of 8” concrete dolly pad. We took this work on in less than one day in order to minimize the impact on the client’s business.

The project was executed on time and the end result exceeded our clients expectations.. Our customer reached out to us to thank us not only for the nice looking job but also for the flexibility in scheduling.

Commercial pavement repair near Joliet, IL

We recently took on a pavement and repair project for a commercial client in Elwood, just south of Joliet, IL.

The customer, who we have worked with previously, noticed that the parking lot was having issues, with major cracks and bumps that had developed. Concerned, they reached out to us.  The main area of problem was found in the inbound lane to their distribution facility. In this area, heavy truck traffic would pull in and stop at the guard shack. This repeated action in combination of heavy loads took a beating on the asphalt, causing it to fail prematurely.

We headed out to their jobsite for an assessment later that week. We decided that replacing the asphalt in this section with high quality concrete would be the most cost effective solution. The biggest challenge was in the main entrance area but we were sure we could handle it.

The customer happily agreed to have us do the project and we scheduled it for the following Saturday, in attempt to minimize the impact on the client’s operation.  We arrived early and ready to work. We removed approximately 7,000 square feet of asphalt that was severely cracked and failing. We regraded the base material to accommodate 8” of concrete and poured 7,000 square feet of 8” concrete, ensuring that the highly trafficked area would be better able to withstand the type of activity it regularly accommodates.

Our clients told us they were thankful for the quick job and that we were able to get to it right away. They also appreciated that we tackled the job on a day that was best-suited for their operations.

Thank you for trusting Maven Pavement with your asphalt paving and repair project needs!