McCook, IL - Parking Lot Sinkhole & Catch Basin Repair

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Things to do in McCook, IL

McCook is a village in Illinois that was named after John J. McCook, who was a director of the Santa Fe Railroad as well as an American Civil War Officer. McCook has plenty of options for entertainment and recreation. It is an industrial suburb of Chicago, giving plenty of opportunity for things to do!

See the Chicago Portage Historical Site, which was a water and overland travel route between the St. Lawrence and Mississippi River Systems. It made was an important gateway for exploration and expansion to the west as well as the fur trade and is the reason the city of Chicago exists today!

Check out Berwyn’s Toy & Trains, located along historic Route 66. This specialty toy and hobby store has loads of interesting treasures, including a 7’ x 14’ operating train layout and play area. This is one of 20 official Thomas the Tank Wooden Railway Stations in the United States.

Brookfield Zoo is a fantastic 216-acre zoo that is home to over 400 species of animals! Here you can find fun activities year round!

Grab a bite to eat at McCook Bohemian Restaurant and Lounge for some tasty Bohemian food, made from scratch with the freshest possible ingredients! Grab a drink in the lounge to relax after a busy day of fun.

Parking lot drainage problems near McCook, IL

A recurring customer of ours gave us the opportunity to complete a drain tile project pertaining to parking lot drainage problems in McCook, IL.

Maven Pavement Solutions has become a leading concrete and asphalt paving company in the Chicago, IL area. The client noticed that there were some issues with the pavement, including some unsightly stains that ran across the parking lot. They called us to ask if we could come out and take a look to determine what was going on and if we could help. We arrived the following day and found that islands in the parking lot were holding water, causing the water to infiltrate under the pavement. This compromised the pavement base, which is a big problem in climates that get colder during the winters due to the freeze-thaw cycle.

We quickly got to work on the drain tile replacement project later that week because we had a crew who was already working in the area. We excavated and installed HDPE perforated ADNS N-12 pipe in the islands and also ran trench pipes in the parking lot to the nearest storm sewer.

The client was thankful for an efficient job that made the parking lot look so much better!