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At Maven Pavement Solutions, we’ve been proudly serving the greater Chicago area for years, providing the best paving and concrete services around. This experience means we know the unique needs of the area, so we can tackle jobs ranging from snow removal to catch basin repair. Even tough jobs like sinkhole repair are no match for our expert contractors. We’re also dedicated to customer service, so we’ll work with you to understand your needs and create the absolute best end product.

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Enjoy Woodridge, IL All Year Long

Woodridge, Illinois is a southwest suburban village of Chicago with a population of 32,971 that overlooks the majestic DuPage River. Woodridge possesses a natural beauty thanks to its vast array of glorious oak and maple trees, earning the village the distinction of a Tree City from the Arbor Day Foundation. Only a 38-minute drive from Chicago, Woodridge is situated close to major highways but also places to enjoy outdoor activities.

Summertime in Woodridge offers tons of splish-splashing fun for kids and kids at heart at the Cypress Cove Family Aquatic Park, which offers a lazy river to float or exciting waterslides. The Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve also offers water fun, but families also enjoy picnicking at the Morton Arboretum. But summer isn’t the only time to visit.

Winter activities include the Seven Bridges Ice Arena, which proudly houses 3 separate ice-skating rinks, and Olympic ice rink, a collegiate ice rink and one that is actually in conformance with National Hockey League specifications! If you’re in the mood to have fun indoors in winter, you can check out the massive Ikea store in Woodridge. Of course all year long, you can satisfy your food cravings at a variety of local restaurants, such as the authentic Chicago style pizza at Papa’s Pizza Place. No matter the season, Woodridge has something to satisfy and entertain anyone in your family.

Commercial Concrete Dock Apron Repair in Woodridge, IL

In Woodridge, IL, Maven Pavement Solutions recently tackled a vital project for a commercial business, showcasing their expertise in commercial concrete paving. Having worked with this client before, our team was called upon to address a pressing issue: a cracked and broken dock apron. The dock apron, crucial for maneuvering trucks in and out of the loading platform, was hindering operations due to its deteriorated state.

Revitalizing Commercial Concrete: Maven Pavement Solutions in Woodridge, IL

Our team sprang into action to fix their commercial concrete, removing and replacing the damaged area. Coordination with the tenant ensured minimal disruption to their business activities throughout the repair process.

commercial concrete paving project

Our team followed specific steps when replacing the dock apron. They began by demolishing and removing the broken materials for recycling. Then, they prepared the site, ensuring proper drainage and leveling. Next, they mixed the concrete with precise cement, aggregates, and water proportions. The mixed concrete was then transported to the site and placed in the prepared area. Using various compaction methods, Maven ensured the material was densely packed and free of air voids. Finishing tools were then employed to level and smooth the surface. Curing followed, maintaining optimal moisture and temperature conditions for strength development. Finally, jointing and sealing were performed to accommodate expansion and contraction and prevent water infiltration. Our diligence in every step ensured a durable and functional dock apron for their client in Woodridge, IL.

Concrete loading docks and ramps are pivotal for many business operations and demand durability and strength. Maven Pavement Solutions understands the importance of hiring experienced contractors who deliver high-quality work tailored to individual needs. With expertise in loading dock design and execution, our paving team ensures the creation of robust and durable loading docks fully customized to meet client specifications.

The client was thrilled with the results, commenting, “It looks great, and we can get back to business!” This testimonial underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional commercial paving results while minimizing client downtime.

Woodridge Property Owners! Trust the Maven Team for Durable Commercial Infrastructure!

Maven Pavement Solutions is ready to deliver impeccable results for Illinois businesses seeking reliable commercial concrete paving services.

Contact us today to ensure your commercial infrastructure receives the quality and durability it deserves, enabling seamless operations and business success.

Paving Company in Woodridge IL Replaces Concrete Apron

In Woodridge IL, Maven Pavement Solutions is the elite commercial paving company because of our consistently exceptional work in all types of pavement installation and repair. Recently, we were able to bring this work ethic to bear on a concrete paving project for an ongoing client.

Our Woodridge IL commercial client needed a durable, stable loading dock for their business. First we evaluated the condition of the existing pavement base, and our paving expert found that it would support new concrete without any repairs. After framing out the new loading dock and adding wire mesh for added stability, we then installed 151 yds of heavy-duty concrete. We used PCC, or Portland cement concrete, which is a specific type of layered concrete pavement at least 8 inches thick with a gravel base. This particular pavement structure is designed to handle the weight of fully loaded commercial trucks, so it was perfect for our client.

To connect the new concrete loading dock to the existing pavement, we installed contraction joints at intervals. Concrete joints are placed to manage cracks and pavement shifting when heavy trucks drive over it. This loading dock paving job needed to be performed without interrupting business, so we worked on a Sunday to get it done in time.

Our commercial client was pleased with the quality of their new concrete loading dock and especially pleased with how we got it done so quickly. If your commercial property needs a pavement upgrade, contact us, and we’ll get a paving expert to you quickly.

Storm drainage project for industrial complex in Woodridge, IL

We recently completed a storm drainage project at an industrial complex located in Woodridge, IL.

The customer, who operated a commercial facility, noticed that water was entering into the building through cracks in the floor as well as under windows during and after rain storms. With this being a major concern for any property owner, the customer knew it was time to pursue professional help. They were existing customers and knew that we could be trusted with this problem. We squeezed them in for a same day inspection.

We found that the ground water was actually backing up along the building. The water would find the path of least resistance, which was causing issues with the building itself. We decided that installing a drain tile system would create a path for the ground water to better flow back to the storm drain. We scheduled the storm drain repair job for the following Monday and our workers arrived early.

Our crew started by trenching along the foundation and footing of the building to install the drain tile. Then they dug the trench to the lower elevation of the foundation footing where they installed 6” HDPE ADNS N-12 perforated pipe with filter fabric and added in the trench to the storm sewer in the parking lot. Our team finished the job off by tying it back into the structure and back filling with CA-7 granular stone.

A few weeks after the job was complete there was a large storm, with significant rain fall and the client was very pleased to report that there were no flooding issues detected. They could not be any happier with their experience working with Maven Pavement Solutions!

Parking Lot Drainage Problems in Woodridge IL

Maven Pavement Solutions has become a leading asphalt and concrete paving company in the Chicago, IL area. They have over 20 years of expert knowledge and experience in paving, storm drain repairs, and snow removal. Their expertise has contributed to their upstanding reputation among commercial, residential, and governmental property owners.

A returning commercial client called our office about their parking lot drainage problems.  As it turned out, their drain trench was getting clogging and that was requiring continuous maintenance. Our client needed a solution for this nonstop problem. We visited the property and discovered the sides of the trench drain collapsing. Our client did not want to replace with another trench drain, so we devised another plan.

We decided to remove the trench drain completely and install standard inlets to tie to the existing storm drain system. The only problem was that the surrounding area of the parking lot was paved flat because of this trench drain, so we had to correct this additional drainage issue as well.

We removed approximately 200 feet of the failing trench drain and we replaced with storm style sewers. We tied these inlets to the existing storm system, but we still had to fix the flat parking lot. Therefore, we repaved the minimum area required to accommodate the positive drainage. The customer was thrilled with the results saying how great the parking lot and drain system works now after a storm.

Woodridge, IL – Recent projects

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