Commercial Concrete Services in Bolingbrook, IL

Commercial Concrete Services in Bolingbrook, IL

Maven Pavement Solutions is a concrete and asphalt company located in Chicago, IL. Staffed with over 20 years of experience, Maven Pavement Solutions specializes in asphalt paving, storm drain repair, and snow removal in the greater Chicago area.

In addition to providing commercial and residential services, the company also offers consulting services to municipalities and property management companies.

Recently, one of our returning clients contacted our office to request that we replace several staircases and handrails at a building within their industrial park. These concrete stairs had numerous cracks and were falling apart. Additionally, the steel handrails were corroded, rotting, and rusted.

We arrive to the site to begin replacing the concrete stairs. We replaced the staircases with fresh concrete and then moved onto the handrails. The previous handrails were steel. We did not recommend the customer continue using steel, as steel will corrode and rust as they had seen before. We replaced the handrails with aluminum railing, which is a maintenance-free element.

When the job was finished, the client was pleased with the fresh clean look of the new stairs. The client was also pleased that we installed maintenance-free handrails that will not lead to corrosion and rust. For three years in a row, this client has asked us to continue replacing their stairs and handrails, and we will continue to provide quality work in order to have this customer for life.