Commercial pavement repair near Joliet, IL

Commercial pavement repair near Joliet, IL

We recently took on a pavement and repair project for a commercial client in Elwood, just south of Joliet, IL.

The customer, who we have worked with previously, noticed that the parking lot was having issues, with major cracks and bumps that had developed. Concerned, they reached out to us.  The main area of problem was found in the inbound lane to their distribution facility. In this area, heavy truck traffic would pull in and stop at the guard shack. This repeated action in combination of heavy loads took a beating on the asphalt, causing it to fail prematurely.

We headed out to their jobsite for an assessment later that week. We decided that replacing the asphalt in this section with high quality concrete would be the most cost effective solution. The biggest challenge was in the main entrance area but we were sure we could handle it.

The customer happily agreed to have us do the project and we scheduled it for the following Saturday, in attempt to minimize the impact on the client’s operation.  We arrived early and ready to work. We removed approximately 7,000 square feet of asphalt that was severely cracked and failing. We regraded the base material to accommodate 8” of concrete and poured 7,000 square feet of 8” concrete, ensuring that the highly trafficked area would be better able to withstand the type of activity it regularly accommodates.

Our clients told us they were thankful for the quick job and that we were able to get to it right away. They also appreciated that we tackled the job on a day that was best-suited for their operations.

Thank you for trusting Maven Pavement with your asphalt paving and repair project needs!