Concrete Paving Creates Sturdy Dumpster Pad in Downers Grove, IL

Concrete Paving Creates Sturdy Dumpster Pad in Downers Grove, IL

Maven Pavement Solutions, a premier concrete paving company serving Downers Grove, IL, recently undertook a crucial project to reinforce a failing asphalt area with reinforced concrete. The task? Installing a durable dumpster pad for a residential apartment building. The client faced a persistent issue: the asphalt in front of the dumpster repeatedly failed due to insufficient base support for the weight of garbage trucks.

Concrete Reinforcement in Downers Grove, IL: Maven Pavement Solutions Saves the Day!

Despite previous attempts by other contractors to address the problem, the root cause remained unidentified. Our experienced paving experts stepped in, recommended a comprehensive solution, and swiftly executed the plan. The team over-excavated the area to 16″ below grade, installed an 8″ stone base, and paved the space with 8″ reinforced concrete. This ensured adequate support for heavy garbage trucks, solving the recurring asphalt failure issue.

The client, referred to us by another property manager we’ve worked for, expressed gratitude for addressing the root cause instead of just paving more asphalt on top, only to have that fail in a few years. This successful dumpster pad installation project highlights our paving company’s commitment to delivering lasting repairs and exceptional paving service to its clients across Illinois.

Dumpster pads are vital in protecting paved areas around and beneath dumpsters. The force exerted by lifting and slamming dumpsters during trash disposal can cause extensive damage to the pavement. Concrete dumpster pads, reinforced with wire mesh or rebar, offer superior durability compared to asphalt. While asphalt can crack and deteriorate, they withstand the weight and pressure of heavy trucks and dumpsters, reducing the risk of costly repairs for property owners.

With a foundation compacted up to 8 inches with crushed stone and a pavement thickness of at least 6 inches, our team ensures the durability and longevity of dumpster pads. Beyond residential concrete paving, our team offers a comprehensive range of services, including commercial asphalt repair and parking lot maintenance.

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