Sinkhole Repair

What causes sinkholes?

Sinkholes typically form around stormwater structures. Stormwater drains (also referred to as storm inlets, curb inlets, and catch basins) are designed to collect surface runoff and route it through an underground network of pipes. Maven Pavement Solutions has performed sinkhole repair on all types of stormwater structures.

Leakage around stormwater drains is most commonly the root cause of sinkholes. Over time, the leaks form as a result of the breakdown between the pipe joints that come in and out of the drainage structure. Sinkholes can also be caused by extensive soil voids, poor soil compaction and or erosion around drainage structures.

Once we know the cause and the extent of the damage, we use power equipment to excavate the surrounding area until we reach stable, compacted soil. Next, we fill the entire excavated area with material such as crushed stone (gravel). We then tamp the crushed stone down to create the necessary soil density and install an 8″ concrete collar around the drainage structure.