Underground Stormwater Detention

Underground Stormwater Detention

Commercial businesses with large parking lots like car dealerships need effective solutions for storm water drainage, but these commercial clients in the greater Chicago area know they have an expert drainage and asphalt installation team on their side. The paving professionals at Maven Pavement Solutions work closely with local design firms to provide solutions for storm water detention with storm traps, underground stormwater detention vaults, and more. Your storm water retention and detention solution will be tailored to the footprint of the property, creating elegant, efficient drainage vaults for our local clients to protect their property for years to come.

What is Underground Stormwater Retention?

When storms deposit rain in large volumes, businesses with a large asphalt paving installation can be at risk for flooding and soil erosion, which can in turn weaken asphalt sublayers and cause everything from potholes to crumbling pavement. To stop flooding and erosion, they need an underground stormwater detention solution. Installing a storm trap involves creating a stormwater vault that can hold all of the excess water, keeping it from flooding the property or even nearby properties.


When to consider Stormwater Detention

If you have a business with a large area of asphalt such as a car dealership, trucking company, or industrial warehousing, you know how valuable your asphalt paving is to your business. For a car dealership, for example, weakened asphalt paving is a serious hazard to both their customers and their stock. Protect your asphalt investment from the damages caused by stormwater runoff with superior storm traps and stormwater detention vaults from Maven Pavement Solutions.

What does the stormwater detention process look like?

First, the design company thoroughly surveys the property to understand the risks of flooding and estimate the volume of runoff that the storm trap system needs to handle. Then they help the client choose between a cost-effective single trap underground stormwater vault, or a larger vault with two chambers that’s able to store more water before letting it safely flow into nearby water systems. Our pavement and stormwater experts take care of the actual installation of the underground stormwater detention but we are there to support our valued commercial clients all the way, maintaining transparency in the storm trap construction process. When the professionals at Maven Pavement Solutions are through, your commercial property will be beautiful, clean, and safe from storms for years to come.