Storm drainage project for industrial complex in Woodridge, IL

Storm drainage project for industrial complex in Woodridge, IL

We recently completed a storm drainage project at an industrial complex located in Woodridge, IL.

The customer, who operated a commercial facility, noticed that water was entering into the building through cracks in the floor as well as under windows during and after rain storms. With this being a major concern for any property owner, the customer knew it was time to pursue professional help. They were existing customers and knew that we could be trusted with this problem. We squeezed them in for a same day inspection.

We found that the ground water was actually backing up along the building. The water would find the path of least resistance, which was causing issues with the building itself. We decided that installing a drain tile system would create a path for the ground water to better flow back to the storm drain. We scheduled the storm drain repair job for the following Monday and our workers arrived early.

Our crew started by trenching along the foundation and footing of the building to install the drain tile. Then they dug the trench to the lower elevation of the foundation footing where they installed 6” HDPE ADNS N-12 perforated pipe with filter fabric and added in the trench to the storm sewer in the parking lot. Our team finished the job off by tying it back into the structure and back filling with CA-7 granular stone.

A few weeks after the job was complete there was a large storm, with significant rain fall and the client was very pleased to report that there were no flooding issues detected. They could not be any happier with their experience working with Maven Pavement Solutions!