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Parking Lot Paving project in Bolingbrook IL

Maven Pavement Solutions, Bolingbrook IL’s premier parking lot paving company, recently got to help another local business expand. We love working with other businesses in Illinois by providing the best in commercial paving, drainage, and line striping. Our new client needed a company that could do everything to fully upgrade their parking lot, adding 14 parking spaces.

The local business owner, who needed contractors who could do more than just paving, found us through the internet and was reassured by our good reviews, so they gave us a call. We sent a paving consultant out to their site right away to survey and determine the best paving services for their needs. Our expert consultant also designed the new parking lot, including proper drainage, and filed all permits with the Bolingbrook IL authorities.

Once we had worked out the perfect parking lot installation plan, our trained contractors got right to work. First, we excavated the area and hauled away the debris, then compacted and graded the soil before laying down a 10” stone base. Next we paved the area with asphalt and finished it with concrete curbs and gutters. Finally, we used high-quality traffic paint to stripe all the new spaces.

The pros at Maven Pavement Solutions were not only able to do the entire job, we were able to draw up plans that satisfied the village for permitting. This saved the client from having to hire an engineering firm. They were happy we could complete the job from permits all the way to pavement markings.